New Videos of Unreleased Works

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Composer: Cat Toren Purchase New Music Ensemble This work was inspired by my experience watching the Temple of Grace burn at Burning Man 2014. Thanks to David Best and Crew for the incredibly beautiful temple and all the people who walked through it, and maybe lay down a memento or wrote on its walls. Thank […]

International Song-Writing Competition Semi-Finalist

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Vagabond Elk Town / Live at the Black Cat EP (self released) 2013

JUNO Award Winners: Pugs and Crows

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    I promised an update and boy is there one! Pugs and Crows, awarded Juno for Instrumental Album of the Year! For my international friends: Juno Awards are the Canadian Music Awards.  I have blessed enough to be in the presence of musicians such as kd lang, the sheepdogs, yukon blonde, carly rae jepsen, […]

Tugboat Graveyard Staten Island

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In keeping with the theme of 2013 ~ here is myself with one of the deceased tugboats on Staten Island.  I’m planning on writing more indeterminate pieces about shipgraveyards.  But why not get inspired by anything abandoned?  Contact me if you know of an abandoned site (anywhere in the world) that deserves a visit.  I’ve […]

Listen to LIVE tracks

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  Excerpts from:   Cat Toren Band Live at IBeam. November 23, 2012 Inside the Sun Old Friend Kind Folk : Cat Toren & Dan Gaucher  Live at 1067 East.  December 28, 2012 You’ve Changed          

Ship Graveyard, BC

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I admit I’ve developed a curiosity for ship graveyards.  Tugboats, ferries, etc.  I could tell you the story behind it, but when people ask me why, I say “I don’t know, why do we do anything?”  Driving up and seeing the derelict ferry over yonder, I was really affected: it is much more creepy than […]

Christmas Day

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The Annual Toren Christmas Jam Party was again a success!  (All are invited, for future reference).  Here is a great sample of what you get when a bunch of nutty musicians and non-musicians drink rum-n-eggnog and go to it!  I’m (un)confident it will not diminish my reputation….  Enjoy! [audio] On my travels to Vancouver (my […]


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Dear Friends I’m on tour with the most bad-ass band in Canada PUGS AND CROWS.  Having a ball.  I’m in the process of building this new site –  thanks for stopping by!  Updates will come as life unfolds.  Much love and peace, CAT